The Problem

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery really go hand in hand.

You can’t really have one without the other and they should really be tackled as one project. As a result, you can save a lot of planning time and cost implementing two separate projects. Any outage will be damaging to your business and if your staff cannot work, it will cost you money. The longer you are down the more cost associated with it. Therefore, business continuity means you can keep working whatever the outage, protect your business and save you money

This is where Unleashed can be of assistance. As a trusted IT partner, we can help you plan and prepare for any eventuality. We can tailor a Business Continuity plan into on easy to implement, easy to manage and cost-effective solution (depending obviously, on the size of your business). Whether you are SME/Corporate or Enterprise business, the basic principles are the same. It is only an economy of scale that changes.

69% of companies cite Extreme Weather as the reason for activating their Business Continuity Plan in the last 12 months
38% of businesses activated their Business Continuity Plan due to IT failures in the last 12 months
42% of businesses implemented a BCP due to pressures from existing customers
31% of businesses implemented a BCP due to direct experience with previous disasters

What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity (BC) is the capability of your organisation to continue the delivery of products or services at an acceptable and pre-agreed level following a disruptive event.

A BCP sets out your strategies and accepted level of capabilities following a series of scenarios. This plan should be well documented and accessible to everyone.

Failure to plan, is planning to fail

In complex supply-chains, BCP is becoming a more important consideration for customers. And in many cases required by their customers.  There are many good reasons to look at this part of your organisation and develop a strategy and a plan.  For some businesses, it can reduce insurance premiums. For others, it allows peace of mind that quick responses can be made to a number of disaster scenarios to keep the business servicing its customers.

Keep your business running, when your competitors can’t

Major events such as terrorism, extreme weather, epidemics have brought the matter of Business Continuity Planning to the attention of all business owners and executives.

Organisational leaders now realise that they need to take steps to improve their business.  Could your company survive such incidents and continue to operate and deliver an acceptable of customer service and generate income?

Working with ISO 22301 in Business Continuity Management, Unleashed, can offer various methods for ensuring when the worst happens, your organisation has a robust action plan.


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