Email Security – A new approach Ironscales

As cybercriminals get more sophisticated, email is now the number one way that they are targeting your business. So, defending against these Phishing attacks is becoming more of a challenge for IT departments.

We now have three main challenges:

  • Email-based attacks are continuing to accelerate
  • Cloud email providers don’t do enough to protect your
  • Security teams are struggling to keep up

For these reasons, we now need a new approach to email security. Unleashed has decided to partner with Ironscales as they are providing a best-in-class email security platform. Ironscales utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and is enhanced by threat intel gathering from thousands of customers. This allows instant removal of threats from your inbox.

Platform Features – Easy to deploy, affordable and powerful

  • Fast to deploy – usually 2 clicks and you are up and running

  • Smart Dashboard – View incidents that require your attention and take action with one-click

  • More effective – Machines stop 99% of attacks, you do the last 1%

  • Work on the go – Handy mobile app

  • Easy to manage – Platform is designed to be easy to use

  • Baseline user activity – 90-day mailbox scan to build your baseline fingerprint and behaviour analysis

  • Awareness training – Protect your people by giving targetted cyber training

Seamless integration

  • Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Google Workspace

See more about Ironscales here


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