Why have we Unleashed Infrascale Hybrid Data Storage and Cloud Backup?

Infrascale Hybrid Data Backup and Cloud Backup solution can be purchased on a low-cost monthly subscription. But, most of all, we have found them easy to deal with. Any technical difficulties are dealt with immediately and their data centre is in the UK. The setup is straightforward, managed centrally and, it works!

We are passionate about business continuity and disaster recovery. Why, because without it, if something happens you could go out of business!

Why Choose Hybrid?

Hybrid means a dual approach and we believe this to be an excellent solution for our customers. In the hybrid model, all data is backed up and saved on-site on a dedicated Infrascale cloud failover appliance (CFA). The CFA has agents to backup your Server images, and this works with all hypervisors, Exchange and SQL. It also backs up all your file data, structured or un-structured, mail file and folders and anything else you want to keep.

As a result, is all your data is on-site. Hence, no latency (time delay) when accessing files and all your data can instantly be sent to the backup device. Then, if you have a failure you can access the server image and data directly from the CFA. In fact, recovery time objective (RTO) can be less than 15 minutes. Very impressive.



This is one of the biggest challenges to IT Departments around the world. It has recently been reported that 41% of all US businesses have been affected.

Ransomware works by encrypting a file so the user can’t access it until a fine has been paid.  Infrascale combats this by giving you unlimited version history. If you get a ransomware attack on your file, you just roll back to the last good copy and you are good to go.

Cloud Backup

Over recent years, the cloud has become the de-facto standard for many IT companies and Unleashed are big advocates of the cloud. Consequently, it must be right for you as a company.

Infrascale Hybrid Data Storage and Cloud Backup from Unleashed is perfect for any business. It works by taking the server images and data files from the CFA and sending them, usually overnight to the UK data centre. This means, in the event of site failure or disaster, you can work directly from the cloud. In fact, you can work from any location directly from the cloud. Secure in the knowledge that all your data is safe and protected. This simple procedure could save your business. It is reported, that 40% of businesses that suffer a data loss will go out of business in two years!

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

You can subscribe to the DRaaS from Infrascale and pay a fixed monthly cost for the above service. More details can be found on our dedicated DRaaS page.


As data grows, old data becomes less mission-critical but still urgent. For this reason, there is no point in keeping old data on expensive fast storage. To save cost and free up space, Unleashed, recommends you archive this data to cheap cloud storage. If that file or folder is required, it can be accessed directly from the cloud freeing up your data stores.

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