Why have we Unleashed Infrascale?

Infrascale is one of our storage partners that provides the complete solution.

At Unleashed, we believe in keeping things simple and with our hybrid cloud solution, you get just that. One onsite appliance that runs your data stores and virtual/physical machines. This means,  in the event of an on-site failure y0u can boot your servers from the box have access to all your data and keep running with very little downtime. For business continuity and disaster recovery, all data is then replicated to the cloud. In the even of a ransomware attack, you can restore from previous backup versions. Simple, easy and cost-effective.


Infrascale – Best of both worlds

By combining your existing IT infrastructure and cloud options you have everything you need to keep your business running. Unleashed truly believe in a hybrid approach. We all know downtime = cost. But if your business is down for any length of time cost becomes significant and could cost you your business. So for a relatively small cost, you can fully protect your business. Hybrid, means you get the fastest RTO (Recovery Time Objective). In real terms, you can be back up and be running in minutes not hours or days.

Unleashed are all about solving business problems. Infrascale can help you in the following area:

  • Ransomware mitigation
  • Server and application backup

  • Data archiving

  • Data security and encryption

  • Mobile worker protection


What else can Infrascale do?

Every customer is different and the way you operate your IT infrastructure is different and for that reason, Infrascale has different deployment models. In addition to the hybrid, you can have the public cloud with Amazon or Azure, Private cloud with Infrascale or your own data centre. We can backup Virtual and physical servers as well as laptops, PC’s and mobile devices.

To find out more about our hybrid cloud offerings then contact Unleashed and we can arrange a full product demonstration.

For a quick overview, watch the short video below.


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