The Problem

Getting good IT Support for Cumbria is a constant challenge for the businesses located there. Cumbria is a large county with unique industries, challenging terrain and a patchy telecommunications infrastructure.

If there’s one thing we know, other than IT, it’s Cumbria.  Therefore, we are pleased to offer IT Support for Cumbria. After all, our Managing Director hails from the county has spent many years working as a senior IT manager. His roots are firmly in the nuclear supply chain and he is passionate about providing the best service to local firms. And, as it is Cumbria, at the best price!

IT Support in Cumbria, from Cumbria.

86% of businesses turned to managed services for more proactive services and improved service levels
57% of businesses use managed IT services to reduce downtime
36% of organisations use managed services due to the lack of experienced internal resources
58% of organisations use managed services to make costs more predictable.

What’s different about IT Support from Unleashed?

The right people for the right job.  We are IT.  As a business, we’ve only ever provided IT services and solutions. We don’t provide apprenticeships, accountancy services or photocopiers.  Although we know plenty of great partners (okay, marras) that do!

Our prime focus is IT and solving IT business problems. Just what you would expect from a professional IT service provider. The good news for the good people of Cumbria is We are now providing local IT Support. We have grown from our local roots providing services to a broad range of businesses across the North West.

What do you know?

We’ve provided IT Support for businesses working in the Sellafield supply-chain for over 15 years.  Working around Britain’s Energy Coast we know exactly what’s required to provide excellent IT systems. All our designs are reliable and secure for the requirements of the nuclear industry.  We’ve implemented systems that are ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) compliant. Unleashed support our clients in their ambitions in winning bigger and better contracts in the nuclear industry.

Our expertise and experience as a business also reach into the leisure and tourism industry. Providing IT Support and project services for hospitality from things such as phone systems, to interactive TVs and WiFi systems.

Who you know?

Being from Cumbria, we appreciate that business is done through people you know.  The chances are, if you’ve reached this page then you have some IT issues. You may even be wondering whether there are more professional organisations that you can provide your IT Support?  Why not give Unleashed a call and ask to speak to the guy with the familiar accent and find out who he knows that you do too!

Just because Cumbria is a largely rural area, doesn’t mean you have to accept poor IT Support.  We have expertise in bringing national quality services to the area and have been doing so for 15 years.  Why not give us a call and see where the conversation goes?


Contact us

If you’re interested in talking about Managed Services and IT Support and seeing what we could do for your organisation, please get in touch.