Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft Teams backup has always been a bit of a mystery and is not something that Microsoft like to promote. As part of our Teams consultancy services we can help to demystify how you can backup Microsoft Teams.

What comes out the box for Microsoft 365 backup?

We all know that data loss is a bad phrase and every business should be taking there own steps to ensure you have a backup and business continuity solution in place. But happens if you use Microsoft 365?

Many businesses are now using Microsoft 365 (or Office 365 as it was previously called) as there main line of business applications. However, also a lot of businesses presume that as this is a cloud service it is automatically backed up by Microsoft and this is NOT the case.

Microsoft does have file restore included in OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Exchange. This mean that should you have a corrupted document or accidentally delete a file you can bring it back within 30 days. After 30 days you cannot get any deleted files back.

Do I need to backup Microsoft 365?

As we have explained after 30 days if you have deleted files they are gone forever. This means you have to take ownership of your 365 data and ensure you have a product that will do your backup for you.

Remote working is on the increase, this means ensuring your end users are backed up is more important than ever. As more companies move there files shares into SharePoint and Teams this could be a big problem.

Backing up Microsoft 365 is very simple and you don’t even need any backup hardware to do it. Microsoft 365 is cloud-based so all you need is another could based backup provider. There are many different ones out in today’s marketplace and Unleashed can help you to find the right one for your business.

Reasons to backup Microsoft 365?

Data Security and Recovery

We are in a predominantly cloud IT era. This means many businesses have removed on-site servers and storage devices and Microsoft 365 has made this transition easy and very cost-effective. But, with that comes additional challenges.

Microsoft has around $200m users accessing their system every month around the world. And as they roll out more of their digital transformation apps, this will grow exponentially. This means you have to ensure your 365 tenant is backed up and protected.

Microsoft 365 does provide industry-leading data protection and that is not in question. More details on that can be found here. But again we stress only for 30 days after that it is up to you.

There is a huge cost to data loss.

Of Small businesses that suffer a data loss will close within 6 months
of businesses are prepared for data loss or cyber attacks
$6.3 BillionIs the total cost of compromised records worldwide

How can you lose data?

  • User Error
  • Admin Error
  • Malicious End-User
  • Malicious Outsider – Cyber Attack
  • Corrupt data

How do I find the right backup for my Business?

As previously mentioned there are a few Microsoft 365 backup providers and Unleashed are happy to evaluate them on your behalf. But one we do know well is from Datto called SaaS Protection (previously Backupify).

Datto will backup the following against accidental loss, malicious deletion or ransomware attacks.

  • Exchange
  • Tasks
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Teams

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