Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams or Teamwork as Microsoft likes to call it is the centre and main element of Microsoft 365

Teams bring together chat, meetings, calling and collaboration in one easy to use application. It can be used on desktop or mobile making a solution that can be used in any location. This means you can work from the office, home, car or even on the beach. The whole solution is built on Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security and compliance software that is now seen as a leader in the security field by Gartner.

In Essence, Microsoft Teams allows you to create a team for any project, event or client. Within each team, you essentially create a  hub for group chat that are called channels. You can have multiple channels per team and this means you can keep track of every piece of information or data that pertains to that team. From that team, you can call all team members or chat with them using the chat function. You can collaborate on documents meaning travel project meetings are no longer required, and it is all saved within the team.

The backend for teams is Microsoft SharePoint, so for file storage you can now make all your unstructured data structured. and save all documentation within the team. This not only makes things easy to find it will save a lot of time by keeping all related data within each team project. All data is stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud meaning you can start to reduce the amount of on-site storage your business requires which in-turn saves money. Each M365 user gets 1Tb of data storage and this can be pooled across your business. This means if you have 50 users, you will get 50Tb of data storage included in your M365 licence cost. If you require more, then you can add this on at an additional cost. For backup, all data can be sent to a dedicated M365 backup store giving you a complete business continuity solution.

As Teams is a fully integrated solution, as part of your licence you get the full Microsoft business suite of products.


Microsoft Teams offers end users a collaboration experience without compromise.

  • Chat – Communicate through threaded and persistant chat with added fuctions.

    • Rich text capable
    • Chat, call and meet across multiple devices in multiple locations
    • To alert a colleague you can @mention that person
    • Keep interactions engaging with memes and animated Gifs
    • Work on documents as you chat
  • Collaborate – Streamline collaboration and improve teamwork

    • Search for content, files and people
    • Track project chats, notes, files and meetings in one place
    • Use built-in Office 365 apps. Making easy access for SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, Calendar and email
    • Communicate directly using the @mention feature
    • Work on projects with co-workers
  • Meetings – Use meetings in a more productive way with real-time collaboration that is independent of location

    • High Definition audio and video conferencing quality
    • Presentation and application sharing
    • Cloud recording of all meetings with a transcription
    • Share content and use background blur
  • Calling – use Teams as your onsite telephone system (additional licence required)

    • Have a dedicated phone number on any device
    • Advanced features such as voicemail, transfer and 999 calling
    • Call routing, auto-attendant and call statistics
    • Hybrid capabilities with direct routing.

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