The Problem

Telephone systems, much like mobile phones have merged with IT to become much more than they ever were. They now manage many modes of messaging through Unified Communication and Collaboration.

Flexible working, quicker customer response times, better record keeping and collaboration with both customers and suppliers make you a more dynamic business.

65% of those deploying or planning Unified Communications say security or compliance issues aren’t a barrier
62% of organisations say improved employee collaboration is a top business driver for Unified Communications
47% say the Chief Information Officer is involved in developing a strategic vision for their Unified Communications
17% of organisations say that the lack of bandwidth is a pressing concern for the quality of Unified Communication applications

What are Telephone Systems?

A good old-fashioned telephone system used to just provide a dial tone. Perhaps some element of voicemail and not much more! As computers became paired with telephone systems, the evolution changed them to become a Unified Communication system.  Usually running over Voice-over-IP (VoIP) requiring only a single network. Now, you get nice extras such as video calling, voice and video conferencing, computer calling and integration with tools such as email and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

These days, we’re talking much more about Collaboration, where your telephone system can enable your workforce to work from anywhere. You can share screens, carry out video calls, click one button to call their customers and see records as customers call in. It’s all about working more fluidly and from anywhere – not just in the office.

After Covid-19, more employees are working from home. With face to face meeting curtailed, we are resorting to video calls and video conferencing. Modern systems has made this easy.

Why upgrade?

Your phones ring, your clients get through and your organisation functions well.  Many businesses don’t consider how much productive time is lost through traveling to internal meetings. You can now achieve much more from features like instant messaging and video calling.  Far from being a gimmick, these tools enable flexible working in your organisation. They also reduce costs and allow for better creativity in a happier workforce.

Stay in control

Just because you’ve invested in flexible working doesn’t mean you’re not still in control.  Unleashed can provide systems that monitor and log activity against customer and supplier records. We can give clear management information and ensure that working from home, doesn’t become synonymous with washing the car!


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