Why engage a part-time leader? Over the past few weeks, we have had two enquires. One to ask if we can provide an IT Consultancy service to help the existing IT Manager. The second to become a part-time IT Manager and help the business transition and to liaise with the outsourced IT support company.

So with this in mind, I thought I would explain these services in a bit more detail.

Where is the need for a part-time IT leader?

Outsourced IT has become very popular over the last few years, and for some very good reasons.

  • It can be cheaper than employing a full IT team
  • Get access to many different skill sets
  • You don’t have another employee on the books. So no NI, holidays or sick days.

However, one thing you don’t get from an outsourced IT company is somebody looking at your IT strategy and the vision for the future. Let’s be brutally honest, for a full time IT leader it can be hard enough to cope with the running of the IT department and have the skills and knowledge to look at strategy and vision, as this is a skill in its own right.

IT is going through a process that experts are calling digital transformation. This can mean lots of different things to different businesses, but basically, it means automating manual processes. Automation equals efficiency and more you can use technology within the business the more successful your business will be. Of course, this can give IT managers and business owners many different problems. Why? because it is a minefield at the moment. There are so much choice and so many different systems that can do the same thing, what do you choose?

This is where expertise comes in and knowing the marketplace. If you don’t have someone looking after strategy you end up doing nothing or putting the wrong solution in. Either can hurt your business.  By bringing in specialists or consultants to help you on a part-time or interim basis can reap dividends.


  • Cost – you can bring them in and out of the business as required
  • You get access to a team of specialists to ensure you get the correct and most cost-effective solution available
  • Sanity checks what your outsourced IT company is doing
  • Help existing IT staff with specialised expertise
  • Knowledge of what is going on within the IT industry and using the experience gained within other similar organisations

Why engage?

The other benefit is being able to call on an experienced consultant to bring in when needed to aid the IT staff. IT departments are normally run very thin, when it comes to new projects or putting a strategy together, they just don’t have the time or capacity. And in some cases, the experience. Having a trusted advisor to call on at any time can be very beneficial and cost-effective.

Other areas Unleashed can help.

  • Stuck or on-hold IT projects
  • Software integration problems
  • Cybersecurity, risk and compliance
  • IT supplier selection and management
  • Plugging gaps and weaknesses within the IT department
  • Management information and reporting

Unleashed are happy to work with customers on whatever terms suit your business. All our consultancy follow our basic principles as laid down in the Unleashing Process. It is tried and tested, and more importantly, works.

For more details, you can contact us digitally or give us a call on 0333 240 0565