Workflow automation is the act of moving manual tasks to an automated process. We use workplace automation to improve the flow of information around your business. When data flows around your business in an efficient manner you suddenly become more productive, you get more done and you can concentrate on driving and building your business.

Five good reasons for adopting workflow automation

  • Efficiency

By automating tasks, you save time and you reduce the number of errors that occur on handwritten forms – whether this is inaccurate information being recorded or illegible handwriting. You also speed up the approval process

  • Cost reduction

If you can reduce the amount of time each task takes, you automatically reduce the cost of carrying out that process. Only you will know your business processes, but if you think about how many manual processes you have, you will be able to attribute a cost to each. In addition, you can also remove or reduce the amount of managerial time and have a simple overview of each process in the management portal and be able to produce reports.

  • Improve communication

We all know how bad internal communications within a business can be. Workplace automation, will, by its nature improve this because each data flow follows a pre-determined route and not one decided by the end user. You will also benefit from things getting done on time and not be left to chance, as every user has their own specific tasks.

  • Accountability

Because each data flow is automated, you have a timestamp at each stage of the process. This means, one person is responsible for each stage. If the process is held up for any reason, you will know exactly at what point and by whom.

By automating, you can also improve the decision-making process within your business. If something is not working you can change it very quickly.

  • Employee Satisfaction

Many studies have said that the key to an efficient business is happy employees. By automating work processes, every employee knows exactly what their role is. And, who better to help automate a manual time-consuming process than the person who has to carry this out on a regular basis.

Why should I bother?

The common argument against workflow automation has always been the disruption it causes whilst the system is put in place. Unleased have partnered with Kissflow. Using this no-code solution you can choose from over 50 pre-designed workflows. If your workflow isn’t there, you can design it in minutes with an easy to use form builder. No longer will you have to wait on IT or software development, you can do it yourself.

Cost is a major business argument against automation and we quite often hear the old argument “It works, if it isn’t broken why fix it?” This is an excuse because traditionally a workflow automation system has cost tens of thousands of pounds and taken months to implement causing frustration, loss of momentum and general panic. Now, with Unleashed and Kissflow, you can be up and running in days and paying a small monthly cost for each user.

If you would like to look at ways to improve your business data flow, then reach out and get in touch, you will find us friendly, honest and will genuinely have your best interests at heart.  For more details or call 0333 240 0565.