ISO27001 – The International Information Security Standard – Information security management systems

ISO 27001 or to give it the full title ISO/IEC 27001:2013, is the international standard for information security. This standard sets out the specification for an information security management system (ISMS).

ISO27001 has three main objectives

  1. To protect data that is crucial to your business
  2. To mitigate risk and ensure stable business operations
  3. Provide confidence to your customers and stakeholders

This ISMS standard has a proven framework that will help companies like you to increase and maintain an information security standard. This standard was first introduced in 2005 and since then it has been the de-facto information standard for businesses around the world.

  • Protect your data

  • Increase your resilience to cyber attack

  • Reduce cost

  • Respond effectively to cybersecurity threats

  • Improve employee understanding of information security

  • Allow your business to tender for more work


ISO 27001 is comprised of a list of controls, these include:

  • Information security policies
  • Organisation of information security
  • Human resource security
  • Asset Management
  • Cryptography
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Operations security
  • Communications security
  • System acquisition, development, and maintenance
  • Supplier relationships
  • Information security incident management
  • Information security of business continuity
  • Compliance
How to achieve compliance

Compliance is achieved by implementing an ISMS (information security managment system)

To implement as ISMS you must:

  • Scope the project
  • Secure management commitment and budget
  • Identify interested parties, legal, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Implement the required controls
  • Develop internal competence
  • Create the appropriate documentation
  • Implement staff awareness training
  • Continually measure, monitor, review, and audit the ISMS
  • Implement corrective and preventive actions
How can Unleashed help?

Unleashed is here to guarantee you get your ISO 27001 accreditation (providing you follow our guidelines). Our trained consultants have been working and helping businesses for many years to attain this standard and will help you with your internal audits.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach and will work with you every step of the way, this means you don’t need to worry and stress, that is our job!

With our methodical approach, we will aim to have you passed and accredited within 12 months.


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