Security Awareness Testing and Training (SATT)

Unleashed would like to introduce you to our Security Awareness Training and Testing solution (SATT).

This software-as-a-service package will help your business to build a vigilant, informed and security-aware workforce to help mitigate cyber attacks.

Stopping end-users from causing security incidents, is the goal of every business but how do we do it in an easy and cost-effective way?

With more end-users working from home, it is becoming more difficult to stop end-users from causing security incidents. We all know that cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated. One serious security incident could cost jobs, compliance issues, brand reputation, loss of customers and serious costs to your business that may already be struggling.

Security awareness testing and traning

Stop your end-users causing security breaches.

The main purpose of security awareness is to help your end-users to become more aware and help stop security incidents. To guarantee you won’t be affected by a cyberattack is to ensure all your staff are cyber aware and by ongoing non-invasive training, we can help you to achieve this.

The only way to stop phishing is to have regular targeted emails sent to your staff. Then, if they get caught out, they will be directed to targeted training on how to recognise the attack that just happened.

Three stages of SATT

  1. The targeted bespoke email will be sent to all staff members. We then report on how many users put the business at risk. This provides us with a baseline as to your cyber awareness capability. Typical results are between 40% and 70%
  2. All users then receive a 15-minute video tutorial that can be taken at their desks at a time to suit them. This training will give an overview of modern cyber threats and how to ensure you are not one of them.
  3. All users will then receive one targeted email per month. If a user clicks on it then they will be directed to additional training (around 25 Mins). This is essential, as it will ensure your staff will always remain vigilant against cyber-crime. It also means those users who need additional training receive it at the time of the attack.

Does cyber training actually work?

Statistics have shown that if a company introduces cybersecurity training it can make an immediate difference. However, what normally happens after any training is the staff forget what has been said and go back to normal. By introducing continuous enforcement, the message stays current and at the front of their minds.

This is why our service is quite unique. It will constantly challenge staff and randomly test with targeted and relevant emails that look as if it has come from within the business. What you are creating is a human firewall to supplement your IT firewalls.

security awareness training and testing

Why am I a target for cybercrime?

Every business thinks it will not be attacked, or they are too small to warrant an attack. The truth is hackers don’t care who you are or where you are, this means everyone is vulnerable and if your business has vulnerabilities then they will be found and exploited.

Don’t forget, your business, your employees, your customers, and your suppliers all have bank accounts and IT equipment. Therefore, you are all a target and as a business, you have a duty of care to protect those who work in it and interact with it.

No matter what IT security you have, the weakest part of your security solution is your staff!

It won’t happen to me or I don’t have time for this at the moment are not valid responses, SATT is very cost-effective starting at around £7.00 per year per user and getting cheaper the more users you have.

SATT is a fully managed service. Therefore, there are no demands on your time or resources. All we require from you is a list of email addresses for every member of staff.

What is included in the cost?

  • Researching, creating and sending monthly targeted test phishing emails
  • Ongoing reporting on the number of users who are a security risk
  • Enrolling all users in the program
  • Chasing users to ensure they have completed the training
  • Further training where required.

If you would like to learn more about SATT or our other cybersecurity servicesplease get in touch.