Vulnerability Assessments

How secure is your network? More importantly, if asked, can you prove your network is secure? If not, you need to think about a Network Vulnerability Assessment from Unleashed.

We all know that cybersecurity should be first and foremost on the mind of every business owner, CIO and IT professional. You may think you have done everything possible to secure your network from attack. But how do you know? Have you ever had an external vulnerability assessment done on your network? If not maybe now is the time to do one.

According to recent reports by Forrester, the following are the most exploited intrusion methods.

  • 42% – Software vulnerabilities

  • 37% -Phishing/malicious emails

  • 36% – Stolen user credentials

  • 34% – Web applications

  • 25% – Denial of Service attacks

  • 24% – Web compromise

  • 22% – DNS attacks

  • 19% – Mobile malware

  • 13% – Lost or stolen assets

By running a network vulnerability assessment scanner on your network, you will be able to tell where your weak points are. The purpose of a network scanner is to collect, prioritise and remediate.

  • Collect – Scan your network to determine the risk in real time
  • Prioritise – Grade the network and prioritise the most vulnerable assets
  • Remediate – The most important step, fix any issues that may arise

Vulnerability scans from Unleashed will include the following:

  • Virus and Malware
  • Backdoor

  • Any host communicating with external parties

  • Botnets

  • Malicious processes

  • Unprotected devices

Why should you choose Unleashed for your network assessments?

Unleashed, has been working with businesses like your for many years. Our security consultants are ether CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals) or Cyber Essentials Consultants.


For more information about Vulnerability Testing, or if you would like further details on our Cybersecurity services, please get in touch