Why have we Unleashed WatchGuard EDPR

Watchguard EPDRThe threat landscape is forever changing. The sad fact is, that your business is the target. Typical anti-virus is no longer sufficient to protect your end-users against current cyber threats. For this reason, you now need next-generation endpoint security. And, for this reason, we believe that WatchGuard Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response (EDPR) is one of the best solutions in today’s marketplace.

In today’s world Anti-Virus just isn’t enough – WatchGuard EDPR provides you with the following benefits:

WatchGuard EDPR

A cloud-based cybersecurity solution for your desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. It automates the prevention, detection, containment and response against any known and with zero-day protection, unknown attacks. When you add in, ransomware, phishing, and memory exploits, you have a very comprehensive cybersecurity solution.


One Solution for Complete Endpoint Security

EPDR is a fully integrated endpoint security solution that combines Endpoint protection (EPP) and Endpoint detection and response (EDR). This means you now get maximum security against ever more sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks. We layer on traditional, signature-based techniques with advanced features and services for a unique, comprehensive security solution.

By enabling continuous endpoint monitoring, detection and classification of all activity, EPDR is able to reveal and block anomalous behaviours of users, machines and processes. At the same time, EPDR will proactively discover new hacking and evasion techniques and tactics to quickly protect our customers. These advances are included at no extra cost and immediately add an additional intelligent layer of protection to get ahead of attackers.

Watchguard edpr
Key Features
  • EDPR for continuous monitoring that prevents the execution of unknown processes

  • Behavioural analysis and detection of IoAs (indicators of attack) scripts, macros, etc.

  • Automatic detection and response for targeted attacks and in-memory exploits

  • Endpoint protection capabilities such as URL filtering, device control and managed firewall.

  • Zero-Trust Application and Threat Hunting features are delivered as managed services.

  • Lightweight agent and easy-to-use Cloud-based console with detailed reporting.

Advanced Automated Security on Endpoints

EDPR offers a single fully integrated solution that combines traditional Anti-Virus with next-generation technologies that give you prevention, detection and automated responses against advanced cyber threats.

Protection Against State-Of-The-Art Cyber Attacks

WatchGuard EPDR is an innovative cybersecurity solution for laptops, computers and servers that combines the widest range of endpoint protection (EPP) technologies with EDR capabilities. It protects users from advanced threats, APTs, zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, rootkits, in-memory exploits and malware-less attacks, and also provides IDS, firewall, device control, and URL & content filtering capabilities. EPDR uniquely automates the prevention, detection, containment, and response actions for ultimate security that is easy to manage and deploy.

100% Confidence with Zero-Trust Application Service

With this service, processes are classified as either malware or as trusted prior to letting only the trusted execute on each endpoint, thereby enabling the ultimate default-deny posture. Our AI system automatically classifies 99.98% of all running processes with the remaining percentage manually classified by our cybersecurity experts. This approach allows us to classify 100% of all binaries without creating false positives or false negatives.

Leverage Our Expertise with the Threat Hunting Service

Our team of cybersecurity experts analyze any suspicious activity potentially related to hacking and investigates the indicators of attack to find evasion and compromise techniques. Our hunters also proactively search for patterns of anomalous behaviour not previously identified on the network to help EPDR customers:

  • Reduce the MTTD and MTTR (Mean Time To Detect and Mean Time To Respond).
  • Create new rules representing new IoAs that can be delivered to the endpoints to rapidly protect them against new attacks.
  • Get recommendations on how to mitigate an attack and reduce the attack surface to avoid falling victim to future attacks.

Network to Endpoint Continuity in WatchGuard Cloud

WatchGuard EPDR is managed in WatchGuard Cloud, providing a single pane of glass view into the entire WatchGuard Unified Security Platform. Offering a single, centralized interface for delivering and managing network security, advanced threat detection, MFA, and endpoint security, WatchGuard Cloud delivers efficient management flows and the utmost in security visibility. When managing multiple IT security solutions from this one common interface, WatchGuard customers enjoy new levels of simplicity, flexibility and scalability in security deployments, management and reporting.

If you would like to see how WatchGuard EDPR fits into your business, or for further info on our range of security products – call 0333 240 0565

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