Why have we Unleashed Webroot Anti-Virus?

webrootWebroot Anti-Virus is another product that has been with Unleashed from the start. We like the fact that Webroot has an office in the UK and is always available to take support or pre-sales calls.

The SecureAnywhere software, whatever flavour you prefer, is very lightweight. This means there is no heavy load on your PC/Laptop, so will not even know it is there. However, the biggest selling point has to be the price, which is very acceptable. For full pricing details contact Unleashed.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection

Cyber Threats are on the increase, which means we have to be more aware than ever before. Every business at a very minimum must have an Anti-Virus.

Webroot Anti-Virus uses file pattern and predictive behaviour recognition technology. This means, SecureAnywhere effectively stops malware and zero-day threats at the time of the attack. SecureAnywhere using cloud-based management. So, no actual hardware or software is required on-site and the web management console is always kept up to date. This console can manage up to 1000 endpoints making it perfect for your business.

SecureAnywhere has the following key security features:

  • No conflicts – Will run alongside other Anti-Virus solutions

  • No bloat – No bulky signature updates or definition files

  • No Reimaging – Roll back to the last good file

  • Deploy in Seconds – Takes less time to install than other similar products

  • Online management – Manage endpoints from anywhere with cloud management

  • Lightweight client – Less than 1mb per client

  • Always up to date – Protects direct from the cloud in real time

  • Deep intelligence – Webroot’s Threat Intelligence continually collects and analyses data for complete protection

For more details on endpoint protection and any other security products that are supplied by Webroot, you can visit their Website.

Ultimate virus protection using machine learning technology.

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