Network design is crucial to the speed of your IT Infrastructure.

Unleashed network design service helps you to build your IT Infrastructure. 

If you think of your network as a roadmap. The cabling is the motorway with no accidents or hold-ups. Your Network switching is your traffic lights, ensuring the flow of data keeps moving. If there is a problem with either, data flow slows down and people get upset! This is why your network design is very important to keeping your IT users happy.

Like everything Unleashed do. We consult with your needs and requirements before we recommend any solution and this goes for our Network Design service. This is one area that you should not cut corners or cut cost.

The way to ensure you have good speed is to have good network cabling with no bottlenecks. By this we mean, no mini hubs under your desk gathering dust and causing issues. Professional cabling is a must and each network cable must come directly back to a patch panel and be connected to a network switch. Unleashed can organise a cabling audit to ensure your cabling is in good condition and fit for purpose.

For network switching, we have solutions from Cisco Meraki, HP, and Ubiquity. Any solution will be custom designed for your business with requirement and budget the main driver.


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