Unleashed is pleased to announce that we are now offering ISO 27001 Consultancy Services. We have not got accredited Lead Auditors and implementors to assist you in attaining this sought after standard.

How to Implement an ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Implementing an ISMS is a challenging process and has to be done in a methodical and controlled manner. But to help you we have put together a simple checklist that if you follow, should help the process.

  1. Assemble an implementation team
  2. Compile an implementation plan
  3. Define the scope of the ISMS
  4. Identify the minimum level of security
  5. Establish a Risk Management strategy
  6. Prepare a Risk Treatment Plan
  7. Identify what you need to measure, monitor or review
  8. Certify your ISMS

If you follow the steps above and constantly refer to the ISO 27001;2013 standard you will get there. But please bear in mind, what is crucial in all of this, is you must have the business backing to get accredited. If you don’t you will fail.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Accreditation

  1. Win more business
  2. Stay competitive
  3. Reduce business risk
  4. Protect your intellectual property
  5. Improve your business structure and focus your employees
  6. Enhance your reputation
  7. Avoid the financial penalties from data breaches
  8. Comply with legal, contractual and regulatory requirements
  9. Get independent validation on your business operations
  10. Create a culture of continual improvement

How can Unleashed help?

If you are starting from scratch and wish to obtain this standard, you will roughly be looking at 12 months to implement an ISMS. As with everything Unleashed does, we will work with you in whatever capacity you require to help you to meet all the requirements of the standard.

Why not give us a call and speak to one of our friendly consultants who can advise on the best way forward. You can contact us on 0333 240 0565 or visit our website