Construction IT Solutions

Unleashed have vast experience in providing Construction IT Solutions. In fact, some of our founding staff, have come directly from the construction industry working on high profile sites such as Sellafield, Thames Water, Beckton, The Commonwealth Games Glasgow and many more interesting but less high profile projects working directly and in the supply chain for the construction industry.

We’ve delivered unique solutions to the industry to get IT and technology to improve efficiency in some pretty difficult areas.  Loving a challenge, we’ve fought with connectivity to metal skinned site cabins, have juggled telecommunications providers in temporary establishments and worked on solutions to manage cost accounting within some pretty large projects.

We’ve set up tool hire shops, ran cables, delivered accounting systems and are equally at home in the office or getting dirty out in the field.  We love getting back to our roots in construction.

As we practice what we say, we do truly believe that no two companies are the same – just like no IT company is the same, no construction company is either.  We work directly to solve specific problems and improve efficiency and access to IT, anywhere.

What can Unleashed do for IT in Construction?

Unlike most IT companies, we understand the industry and how contracting works…

  • We can help produce budgets and figures for factoring IT provision into contract prelims
  • We can develop innovation proposals to wow your clients especially those in the public sector

  • We can deliver IT cybersecurity standards both Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 in Information Security Management as part of your pre-qualification strategies

  • We can be part of your winning team, getting more work!

The Unleashing Process we’ve developed where we’ll continue engagement with your company, assisting on your future business development activities and managing change within your business is just at home in construction as it is in any white collar industry.

This is of course in addition to the standard IT services you’d expect from an IT company!

Oh yes, and we’ve got a few special products and services specifically useful for the construction industry, that we like to keep up our sleeves until we come out and meet you.


We want a relationship with our clients, you make the tea and we’ll bring the biscuits – a consultation is free so why not claim your biscuits!