Unleashed have been providing consultancy services for many years. We recognise that certain industries need dedicated IT solutions designed for them.

Dedicated Consultancy Services include:

Construction IT Solutions

Unleashed have vast experience in providing Construction IT Solutions. In fact, some of our founding staff, have come directly from the construction industry working on high profile sites such as Sellafield, Thames Water, Beckton, The Commonwealth Games Glasgow and many more interesting but less high profile projects working directly and in the supply chain for the construction industry.

Over the last few years, we have found workflow automation in construction has been very popular.

Leisure and Retail IT Solutions

Unleashed had provided many dedicated industry solutions for Leisure and Retail customers. We are sensitive to the fact that large IT projects, infrastructure work and other work can cause downtime to your business, closure of stores, hotels, and other facilities taking out fee-earning leisure and retail space whilst technology projects are implemented.

Here at Unleashed, we carry out such work in conjunction with your operations teams to ensure the minimum time spent on site and minimum disruption to your facilities.

We’ve carried-out work from high-end fashion retail space to large distribution warehouses and everything in-between.

Legal IT Solutions

Legal IT solutions can be very specialised. We have studied the changes that the Legal profession has gone through and looked at how technology can help with the production of legal documentation.

The Legal Sector has different challenges from a lot of companies. Your IT needs all revolve around producing legal documentation accurately and quickly. The quicker you can get your fee notes to your clients the quicker you get paid.  It is a very simplistic approach but it is a case in point that a lot of legal firms struggle to get fee income in on time.


We want a relationship with our clients, you make the tea and we’ll bring the biscuits – Every business is different and the industry solution we recommend for one customer may not be right for your business. So to ensure you get it right, get in touch for a free consultation!