Improving Legal IT Solutions

Legal IT solutions can be very specialised. We have studied the changes that the Legal profession has gone through and looked at how technology can help with the production of legal documentation.

The Legal Sector has different challenges from a lot of companies. Your IT needs all revolve around producing legal documentation accurately and quickly. The quicker you can get your fee notes to your clients the quicker you get paid.  It is a very simplistic approach but it is a case in point that a lot of legal firms struggle to get fee income in on time.

As we practice what we say, we do truly believe that no two companies are the same. Just like no IT company is the same, no solicitors are either. We work directly to solve specific problems and improve efficiency and access to IT, anywhere.

What can Unleashed do for IT in the Legal Sector?

Unlike other IT companies, we understand the Legal Sector and your challenges.  We provide the best Legal IT solutions for the industry.

All legal practices have one common problem and it starts at the heart of everything. IT infrastructure is your backbone and if that isn’t right then nothing else will matter as you will have issues in everything you do. First of all, your Internet connectivity has to be fast enough to cope with the growing online services. Your IT network has to cope with growing amounts of data whilst being compliant with all the latest government edicts. Archive paper documentation is a time-consuming issue that has to be overcome.

All this has to be in place before you can look at the main problem facing Fee Earners. This is the production of documentation and how you ensure you charge your clients for all of your services. Do you actually know how much each transaction costs? Where can you automate manual processes and reduce client cost?

Unleashed can help you in the following ways:

  • Full IT Network Audit to ensure your systems are working at maximum capacity
  • Cyber Security check to ensure you are compliant with all the latest standards

  • Network Penetration test to ensure your client data is protected

  • Business process Improvement consultation to see if you can work smarter and more efficiently

The Unleashing Process we have developed, where we’ll continue engagement with your company, assisting on your future business development activities and managing change within your business, is just at home in Legal Services as it is in any other white-collar industry.

This is of course in addition to the standard IT services you’d expect from an IT company!

Oh yes, and please bear in mind, our first consultation is Free. We have also got a few special products and services specifically useful for the Legal Sector that we like to keep up our sleeves until we come out and meet you.


We want a relationship with our clients, you make the tea and we’ll bring the biscuits – a consultation is free so why not claim your biscuits!