Why have we Unleashed UniFi from Ubiquity?

Unifi provides networking products for the smaller customers of Unleashed.

We like Unifi products because they are very cost effective, managed by a cloud gateway which enables all of our customers to be managed by one central portal, perfect. Another very good reason, they just work and are very easy to install and setup.

UniFi Products

  • Cloud Key – The cloud key plugs directly into your UniFi network switch and allows remote access. Read More >
  • Security Gateway – Provides you with a cost-effective, reliable security router for your network. Read More >
  • Security Gateway Pro – Rack Mounted Firewall Read More >
  • Switches – Come in various forms from 8 port to 48 port PoE. Read More >
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi – A range of Wi-Fi devices to suit every size of business. Read More >
  • VoIP – Android phone system, plug into your UniFi switch add a Security Gateway and connect a SIP provider and away you go. Read More >
  • Camera – Complete your new IT network with cloud-managed HD Video. Read More >

All Ubiquity products are plug and play. One installed on your network the cloud key controller will pick up the IP address and allow you to manage your IT network from a cloud portal. As you can see from the list of products above, Ubiquity has a product for a complete network from one supplier.

Network Management Controller

  • Intuitive and Robust Configuration
  • Control and Monitoring
  • Local and Cloud Access
  • Mobile App for Easy Configuration



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