Your local cyber security experts, bold statement or true fact? In truth only our customers can answer that question, but if asked I am sure they will back us up. Unleashed, have two main areas of operations Glasgow and the central belt to Edinburgh and Manchester along the M62 corridor which covers Leeds and Liverpool. In addition to this we have local experts that we can call upon from Birmingham right up to Aberdeen. This means, we know the City’s, we know customers and we know business.

As your local cyber security experts, we are here for you. Our aim, to enable you to ensure you are mitigating against the latest cyber attack. But, most of all, we are here to give you piece of mind, so you can sleep at night knowing your cyber defences are doing their job.

What can you expect?

Unleashed is a boutique IT consultancy who work on behalf of our customers. We have been around a long time and have vast experience in Information security – that is what we called it before the word cyber came along! Cyber Security is not new, it is not a new threat, it has just become more sophisticated and more consistent. As we have pointed out in previous blogs, anyone with a modicum of IT knowledge can do an on-line hacking course and start to create mayhem. That is a very good reason to connect with your local cyber security experts.

To be honest, it is very difficult to know if your network has been hacked. Particularly if the hacker is not active. They may just put some botnet (remote control software) on your network that gathers information. This stays silent, until it sends your data back to a command and control server. That is the point you will see it and can stop the information being sent. However, you can only do that if you have software/procedures in place to detect it.

In 2014, the UK Government introduced the Cyber Essentials scheme. This is a list of recommendations that business should adhere to as a base guideline. Unleashed, recognises that if someone really wants to get into your network, it is very difficult to stop them. However, in reality, most computer breaches are random and they only get in by finding a vulnerability in your network defences. Cyber Essentials has been designed to ensure your defences are secure and you are doing everything to mitigate your business against cyber attack. Cyber Essentials and its big brother Cyber Essentials Plus (this does on-site vulnerability scanning) is a yearly government accreditation and could help you when it comes to getting cyber insurance.

Next year, GDPR comes into play and if you don’t know about GDPR,  then I really suggest you get up to speed. This replacement for the data protection act is centred around how you store personal information. If you do get a data breach and it is not reported within 72 hours, you could be fined up to 4% of turnover. We predict this could be open season for hackers.

What do we do?

Unleashed or as we like to call ourselves – your local cyber security experts. Can offer you assistance to build your cyber security strategy. This could include getting your business certified for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. We will look at your network to ensure it is secure. We will look at how you store data (for GDPR). We can carry out end user cyber training. In short, we will work with you in whatever capacity you wish to get you compliant.

Our credentials – why you should work with Unleashed.

In total, our principle Technology Consultants have over 30-years’ experience in information security and are IT trained. This means we know routers, firewalls and switches. We also know about user behaviour and how best to secure your network. Our qualifications include CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and Cyber Essentials Consultants. We also have PRINCE2 project managers and help for a white hat hacker (they are the good guys and do ethical hacking).

If you would like to engage with Unleashed then please feel free to contact us on our local phone numbers: 

Aberdeen 01224 548 777

Glasgow 0141 375 7582

Edinburgh 0131 603 7600

Leeds 0113 322 9161

Liverpool 0151 599 2190

Manchester 0161 870 8730

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