Data is the new oil, how often have you heard that? That quote was written back in 2006 by Mathematician, Clive Humby. How true that has become. Back in 2006 it was estimated that the total worldwide data store was 160 exabytes. By 2023, it is estimated that 423 exabytes will be created daily! For those that don’t know what an exabyte of data is – a lot.  Or, you can find out exactly how much here.

So what, you may say, how does that affect me? Well to be honest unless you are a data analyst or a business director, probably not a lot. However, in today’s business world directors and managers want information and the only way to get that information is from data.

Data generally comes in two forms. Structured and Un-Structured.

Structured Data

This would normally be held in a software package such as CRM or Sage. In this form, it can be interrogated or queried to provide reports or as we would say analytics. From here you can them make informed business decisions.

Unstructured Data

This is anything else in your business and probably makes us the majority of data that your business stores. Because there is no structure, it will be held on a server or in a filing cabinet and forgotten about. But this data is very valuable and if you could query it, you would find out a lot more about how your business operates and who is doing what.

Unleashed has a solution – Kissflow

Kissflow is a cloud solution that allows you to automate all of your manual forms in the business. From the compilation of the document, we add a workflow and approval process. Then store the documents in the cloud to allow reporting and querying.

Manual forms are so important to everyday business. But are time-consuming to produce and once completed are filed away, never to be seen again. As I have said, Data is now the new oil. So, why not structure these documents and be able to query them. Get genuine information in a report form that is easy to read and allow you to make better decisions. You will also improve productivity.

With Kissflow, you will be able to:

  • Get faster approvals – Ensure requests are never delayed
  • Role-based access – Allow employees the right level of access and hide sensitive data
  • Make smarter decisions – Get a holistic picture of your business to make faster and better decisions
  • Kissflow is very cost-effective, starting at £10.00 per user per month

Some of the workflow processes you can create in minutes are:

  • Travel and Expenses
  • Budget Management
  • Facility Management
  • Compliance and Risk
  • Cash Management
  • Asset management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • HR Functions
  • Admin Functions
  • Case Management
  • Process Management
  • Sales Pipelines

We have over 50 pre-built applications to help you. If you need anything else, our no-code app builder can have a new process designed in minutes.

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