We have seen major changing faces of communications over the years. Now in current Covid-19 state, it is more important than ever to have a flexible, cost-effective easy to operate telephony system that can easily allow staff to work from home.

With lockdown, face to face meetings have ceased, offices have closed down and all staff still working are from home. This has meant a huge rise in remote working, it may even be a big step change moving forward and certain businesses may feel office space is an overhead they no longer can afford or require. The sudden impact of lockdown has meant many businesses have had to make do in the interim period.

But if things are to change for the better. Businesses now need a communications system that is fit for purpose today and moving forward that is efficient, cost-effective and meets all of their needs and requirements.

The changing face of communications – what does it mean?

The way we used to work and the way we work moving forward is changing and so should your business. As we have moved away from personal meetings, for the time being, we still need to meet face to face and the best way to do that is by video.

Statistics have proven that a face to face communication is more productive than a telephone conversation or email. That being said, if you can’t meet personally, why not meet virtually in a video call?

A video call can be just as effective as a face to face meeting. And you still get all the following benefits:

  1. When in a meeting, whatever the reason for the meeting, you can assess body language and this can be very important in business.
  2. When you see someone and they ask you to do something, it is more likely to get done.
  3. Trust is very important and by putting a face to a name this helps build that relationship

If you can’t meet in person, then it makes life very difficult to discuss work projects. So, why not try a collaboration tool?

By collaboration, we mean the ability to share your screen and allow people to make changes to your documents or a whiteboard a session. This means

  1. Reduction in travel costs
  2. More productive because you are not spending hours on a plane, in a car or on a train
  3. Can work from any location

Also, while you are working on a document you could be sharing ideas via an instant messenger. Particularly if the person that is helping is not included on the call. Particularly useful for call centres when they need to verify something with a colleague.

If Covid-19 had come around 10 years ago, the whole country would have ground to a halt because we didn’t have the internet infrastructure we have today. We can now all work as effectively from home as we can from the office, with a bit of extra technology.

The introduction of SmartPhones (mobiles) back in 1994 has added significantly to the changing face of communications. We now have everything at our fingertips wherever we are. We can access the Internet, email, video conferencing and telephone conversations. Every piece of information we need is only seconds away with a click of a button. If you add in SmartPhones into your everyday business use, you have business data, email and contacts at your fingertips.

If you add in Apps or applications then your Smartphone also becomes your work phone and all you need is an Internet connection and you can have the same phone number as your office. To save your business money, most apps are free, so you can do away with a traditional desk phone and just use your mobile.

Today’s mobiles are so powerful they almost act as a second PC and there isn’t much you can’t do on them.

Of course, all of these changes wouldn’t be possible without advances in Internet technology. We no have phenomenal Internet speeds at home and these are only going to get faster. Wireless technology has meant we don’t need cables to connect and 5G on mobiles will make them as fast as broadband.

Do we have a recommendation for an efficient, cost-effective communications system that will do all the above? Yes, we do, it is called 3CX.

With all these improvements, communications are better than ever and we are a more productive nation. I look forward to what is around the corner!