What is workflow automation, but more importantly what can it do for my business?

For as long as I have been in business (and that is a long time!) We have had forms to fill in if we want something. These forms can be anything, Holiday requests, expenses, purchase orders, invoices, timesheets, Job offers, employee onboarding, and budget approval. The list is endless. All of these forms take time to fill in – when I started you had to do this with a pen! You then need to print or email them to someone who will print or email to a manager who will sign the form, maybe scan it and email it back to someone who then actions it.

A long-winded process. I could also add in very time consuming and detrimental to the information flow within your business. However, traditionally to automate processes has been expensive and caused a lot of disruption. Not now, with KissFlow, Unleashed, has simplified this process and we can automate a form within minutes.

How does workflow automation work?

Very simple, we have a three-stage process.

  • Choose the form you want to create from a list of pre-designed apps.

Workflow automation




  • Let’s choose one of the most popular processes Travel Reimbursement and download the app.

This is the form designer.

workflow automation






You can change/edit the fields to suit your business requirements.

  • You then define a workflow, what you want to happen to the form when completed, and that is it.

What next?

Once complete, you submit the form and it will follow the workflow. For example

Step one – Go to line manager for authorisation

Step two – Go to HR to see if you have enough holidays to take and remove the number of days from days remaining

Step three – inform payroll

At each stage, the authoriser can view and authorise on a phone, tablet or PC/Laptop. It will then be visible throughout the process on the management platform. If someone is off, you can set a time limit so it flags up to someone that it has not been authorised and they can do it. At no stage, can the form get lost or ignored.

It really is that simple to create a digital process from a form and add in authorisation. Kissflow, allows you to add in data fields, drop down boxes and input/output data to external databases.

For a low monthly cost, you can automate all your forms into processes.

For more details please visit https://www.weareunleashed.com/what-we-do/digital-transformation/workflow-automation/

If you would like to arrange a Kissflow demonstration you can email or phone on 0333 240 0565.