According to the UK consulting market is now worth some £6 billion. By far the biggest contributor in these figures is the Digital sector, worth £1.4 billion and it is the move towards digital that has meant big changes for the way organisations approach their IT departments and the effect on the UK IT Consultancy Sector.

The key findings of the study shows that 69% of all companies surveyed expect to either maintain or increase their use of IT services with just 15% saying they will decrease their outsourcing.

IT Skills Shortage

There is a reason that employment in the IT industry is expected to grow at five times the rate of the UK average over the next decade.

Organisations now have bigger websites – processing more information – than ever, and in order to maintain and develop these systems there is a high demand for talented IT professionals, and this is a situation experienced across the UK in nearly every sector.

But, and here’s the rub, there is a shortage of talented developers and IT professionals. Finding talent can be incredibly draining on an organisation’s resources. The transition towards using an IT Consultancy is inevitable, at least until the education of IT within schools and universities increases its scope and starts producing graduates of sufficient levels and in greater numbers.

Consulting is Helping Others to Grow

IT Consulting has grown so markedly, faster than almost any other sector of the economy, principally because it helps businesses introduce new technology and new propositions to the market. Whether you agree we have entered the ‘Digital Age’ or not, digital has changed the goalposts.

uk it consultancy growth

Becoming ready to enter the digital and mobile market has, for some businesses, become a critical make it or break it point and there has been a logical gravitational shift towards using the IT Consultancy sector to prepare the foundations for this move.

Moving Towards a Digital Everything?

Businesses are currently moving their operations and streaming their services across multiple channels. This digitalisation is a fundamental change in the operations, infrastructure and culture of an organisation.  At its core is the use of digital technology, and automation, to gain a competitive market advantage.

The Role of Mobile

We are living in a world driven by the consumer. The growth of social technologies has meant a rethink in the way many organisations approach their marketing and deliver their product. Nowhere is this felt more keenly than through mobile.

With so much information at our very fingertips it is essential that businesses ensure that their website, service and ecommerce platforms are able to cope with mobile delivery.

Underpinning the UK’s digital transition – including mobile – is outsourced IT Consultancies like Unleashed. If you need help, advice or answers then get in touch with us; we’re part of the UK’s biggest growing sector and want to help you make the most out of your business.