We’re hearing a lot in the news lately about how company websites have been subjected to hacking. We also know that unless you have been subjected to a security breach you are likely to ignore it and not allocate much of a budget to your IT team.

One area you may not be aware of though, is how much of your data is subject to internal misuse. Reports tell us that 85% of all data breaches come from within your own company! Often, the reason for this is users having access to files and folders that they have no right or need to access. IT departments are stretched; the larger the company, the more difficult it becomes to monitor data access. In fact, for most businesses it is impossible.

Your data is your business; without data you have no business. A lot of businesses who suffer a major data loss or breach, lose out financially and put their good name at risk, meaning customers think twice about engaging with them. Some never survive.

Unleashed has partnered with Varonis and 8Man to help our customer ensure the only people who have access to their information are the people who should have access to it.

data security breaches

Our software solutions will help you with the following:

  • Control data access within your organisation
  • Monitor user behaviour and get an early indication of employees getting ready to hand in their notice
  • Help limit the damage of data security breaches
  • Provide full audit logs of what your users are doing
  • Help with PCI audits
  • Mitigate risk
  • Defend your sensitive data
  • 80% of data within your organisation will be unstructured, remove access responsibility away from your IT department and make it the responsibility of the whole business.
  • Help to manage and control your data – move unaccessed data to cheaper storage

Unleashed can help you with identifying any problems and carrying out a full Return on Investment audit to allow you justify the budget. For a free proof of concept, get in touch.