An IT consultancy can be more helpful than you think. Are you a tech-savvy company whom requires all their staff to show some level of adeptness when it comes to IT? No? Perhaps you’re a non-profit group who’s more concerned with saving the lives of baby turtles than learning the ins and outs of a computer or the how the latest VoIP system is installed and maintained? In any case, in our current millennial tech boom climate, most businesses have to keep up with the technological times. Whether it be for blogging, social media, SEO, data storage, backup and recovery or otherwise, it’s important to have robust IT systems and processes and online presence to keep up with competitors or even just to add a bit of personality to your brand.

Will an IT consultancy help or hinder me?

Remember in our last blog where we ran a cost/benefit analysis on IT managed services? The same can be applied here with this question: just how much do you need an IT consultancy? As we’ve mentioned, if you would like to boost your online presence, but don’t have much of a clue where to start, then this is one area an IT consultancy can help.

Now, keep in mind the keyword here is can. IT consultancies can help in this regard, but is it absolutely necessary to hire one? Not at all. An IT consultancy, by definition, is a group that advises companies and organisations on how to best utilise their IT systems in achieving their business objectives. An IT consultancy will not, however, run your entire business, so at the very least consider hiring one based on your business’s computing ability.

What if I’m a one man show?

We believe it’s not necessarily a question of business size, rather it’s a question of ability. If your business is very small, as in, no more than three or four people, you may be able to convey your business mantra a little better than the bigger, more affluent businesses who may prefer to splash their cash on more physical marketing endeavours.

Of course, IT consultancies aren’t only about your online presence, however these days marketing and IT  systems heavily integrated so naturally overlap some roles and responsibilities. An IT Consultancy will offer advice on all kinds of aspects of modern day IT, from cloud storage and information security to general IT support, server virtualisation and disaster recovery plans. As such, bigger businesses, where bigger disasters can occur, could potentially benefit from an IT consultancy a bit more.

Mo business, mo problems…

Not all big businesses are necessarily on point with IT, and when you’re in an environment where more things have a higher chance of going wrong, we believe an IT consultancy is an absolute must for those who require a helping hand. If you’re not sure about anything IT related, we believe professional advice should be sought, otherwise any problem, no matter how big or small, could quite easily come back to bite you and your business.