What Makes Unleashed a Better IT Consultancy?

For regular readers of the Unleashed blog, you will now start to get the idea that we know what we are talking about when it comes to IT infrastructure!

So, with that in mind, I would now like to give you three reasons why you should engage with us.

We Understand

The first step to any project, no matter how big or small, is to identify the problem you’re trying to eliminate. Gone are the days of upgrading to the latest and greatest, if there’s no sound business reason for change. So one of the first steps from Unleashed is to help you to identify any potential problem areas or if you have identified them, help you to put together a sound business case to take to your finance people. To do this, we must get to know you and your business and we will ask some difficult questions. The most important thing is to understand what impact the problem is having on the business.

We Design

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we can then put together a solution to meet your needs and your budget. At Unleashed, we have no allegiance to any one supplier. We call it supplier agnostic; however we do favour those who consistently deliver what they promise. This means we can be totally flexible in our approach. We remove the headaches for our customers. The starting point for us once we have identified it will meet the business objectives, is to then simplify the process and make it easy to implement and easier to manage than your current solution. We have the luxury of not being constrained by sales targets and recommending something that make the most commission for salespeople. Our IT consultancy solutions have one purpose and that is solve your problems at the best possible price point.

it consultancy

Unleashed believe in giving you options. We will normally propose two or three solutions to choose from, each with alternative cost points and different benefits. With the ever changing IT landscape, this gives our customers the best possible choice from class leading IT manufacturers and new and upcoming vendors who challenge the class leaders on solution and cost.

We Care

What Makes Unleashed a Better IT Consultancy? At the end of the day, Unleashed live by reputation. We are a boutique IT consultancy and we take customer care to the next level. We only have happy customers, this means we have to get it right first time and continue to support you and your business. If your business goals change, we are agile enough to react and change the solution. We ensure you have plenty of room for expansion and any solution will last a minimum of three years. All our quotes are fixed price, this means, unless you change the solution, there will be no variations to our cost and we guarantee this cost for three years.

We are very easy to deal with and you will have the mobile numbers of all staff, we don’t hide behind receptionists, we are there for you whenever you need us. The team you meet during your initial contact will be the team that delivers your project. If you would like to know more, then get in touch with Unleashed, or you can download our free 10 step checklist to go through when appointing an IT Consultancy.