10 10, 2017

GDPR, Confused?

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GDPR, Confused? Well everyone I have spoken to certainly is! In fact, it has taken me nearly 3 months to get to the bottom of what IT Directors/Managers have to do to ensure you are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliant. In one sense it is quite funny that the search term GDPR, Confused? Gets [...]

25 11, 2015

How to Plan Your IT Budget in 4 Steps

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In the world of business, money makes the world go round. I shouldn't have to tell you that, but it's important to note regardless as tech companies - when starting out - have been known to bite off more than they can chew. It's fairly easy to do, and unfortunately contributes to that grim statistic [...]

9 11, 2015

5 Factors that Could Affect Your IT Strategy

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You've got the best IT strategy in the world, and that's a fact. It's genius, foolproof and will take my business into the 22nd century... At least, that's would you'd like to tell yourself. Maybe you already do, and that's wonderful. But let's dial it back a bit; no IT strategy is foolproof. There's always [...]

27 10, 2015

Good business technology is always reassuringly expensive

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There's a reason we love certain technology products, the sleek designs of Apple; the latest Microsoft in-house products such as the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. The consumerisation of IT Well-thought-out design can command a premium and drive people to stand in queues overnight at Apple's flagship stores. In the IT world we [...]

30 09, 2015

How to Reduce Data Storage Costs

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The Problem One inevitability in business is that data will grow, how fast and at what rate is unknown. One thing we do know, is that 80% of your new data growth will be unstructured. What exactly do we mean by unstructured data? Brochures, Videos, Word and Excel documents not created within a CRM or ERP system, PDF, [...]

9 09, 2015

The Curious Case of Cloud Backup

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If you have read any of our previous posts, you will know that Unleashed are passionate about backup and business continuity. So, when we hear about something new or innovative that can help you protect your systems, we feel duty bound to let you know. One of the biggest trends of the last 12-18 months [...]

19 10, 2014

IT and ‘The Business’ – I thought we were on the same side

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Do you remember the good old days of the Information Technology? Nope, me neither, what it must have been to work in an era when computers were the size of rooms and you had to have a certain type of shirt to work with them and a pocket protector for your pens. In the early [...]

31 12, 2013

Free WiFi on the Beach, Why Not Everywhere Else?

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As sad as I am I was using free WiFi on a beach when on holiday recently. What makes things worse I decided to check who made the access points to add them to our portfolio of solutions. I am already a big fan of Meraki but it looks as if Ruckus will be joining our [...]

18 10, 2013

The ‘dark internet’ and why MPs are n00bs

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I’m finding it increasingly more painful to watch politicians talking about areas of technology that they are poorly advised upon and have absolutely no clue. The dark internet has been one that’s popped up in recent weeks with regards to child abuse and pornography and as a justification of David Cameron placing more pressure on [...]

28 04, 2013

BI or BS – The Big Deal about Big Data

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Anyone in the IT industry or even anyone watching anything remotely science, technology or business-ey on the BBC at the moment will have been bombarded by the term ‘Big Data’ just this weekend BBC Click did a piece on it and BBC Horizon a few weeks ago. It’s a very much in-vogue term, connected everything, [...]

3 01, 2013

Still taking two boxes to the server room? You could virtualise and go!

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One of the problems that a lot of customers and talk to us about is that they know they need to virtualise, they have a load of old servers on their last legs but have put budgets forward for a server refresh going from physical servers with direct attached storage to virtual ones with a [...]

10 12, 2012

Bing it Up; I’m Free!

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Over the last week, I’ve been batting for the other team; after several days of frustration and annoyance, it started to become quite normal, routine and dare I say it, better! I should probably say right now that, no I haven’t come out despite the blog image – so guess again… […]

4 12, 2012

8 is No Lucky Number for Microsoft

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I suppose I’ve got to have an opinion on this, it seems to be the only thing I’m asked at the moment, have you installed and run Windows 8 yet? The answer is yes, I actually installed the Release Candidate version and hated it so much it was uninstalled and relegated to a VPC that [...]

26 11, 2012

The technology is here, what is there to fear?

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I was looking through my computer for something at the weekend and knowing that I hadn’t written a blog article in some time, I was quite happy to find almost started blog article. With the pretty pictures above, I thought great. Unfortunately, the problem with blog’s is that they’re very much a picture of the [...]

20 07, 2012


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Well I’ve struggled to find a blog topic for this week, other than yet another bank (HSBC I think this week) getting into trouble for something I can’t really understand, it’s been fairly quiet. O2 have promised all its customers in a “typically O2 way” recompense for last week’s issues, which just happens to be [...]

29 06, 2012

Rule Britannia, or Innovate It?

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We seem to be in the age of national pride even though we’re in a long and deep recession and for some sectors in particular things aren’t looking so bright. Okay we’ve just stuffed our chances of Euro 2012, but who didn’t see that coming? At least they made the agony last and at least [...]

29 05, 2012

Get your head out of the cloud, and get your business in it

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Okay, there’s several things that really bug start up’s.  Especially non-IT start up’s.  First and foremost there’s a worry about managing your accounts, yes you can probably sort out a lot of it on spreadsheets, but it all takes time and paperwork just goes everywhere as you get busier. If you’re a start up on [...]

17 04, 2012

Recovering from Hibernation

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Spring has sprung, I’ve had my yearly ski trip a bit later than usual and decided it’s about time to start being a bit more religious on the ‘ol bloggosphere.  As many of you may know we’ve been working hard on a new subsidiary for the company that is going to have it’s official launch [...]

3 01, 2012

Broadband needs to be broader

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Many years ago I wrote this article for the Cumbrian Business Gazzette, it’s funny but eight years on, my opinions have changed very little. We’re still waiting in many areas better infrastructure and even the panacea I talked about in the article – SDSL got abandoned in most areas by BT. That said, we have [...]