I usually leave Chris Gilmour to write content on Cyber Essentials but a couple of years ago I was asked to do a presentation for Centre for Assessment (CfA) and The Business Growth Hub.  As I sit on the Impartiality Committee for CfA as part of their governance for ISO standards, I decided to take the lead.

During the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic a lot of what I wrote a few years ago came back into mind.  Unleashed was helping lots of our customers work from home, then the attacks started coming now we’re talking about mitigations and strengthening your cyber security. 

There was a great industry with GDPR a couple of years ago.  We always felt it was overhyped and the value of the messaging degrading by those who were spreading project fear! but there’s a serious point with compliance to a standard, like Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001 – the act of complying makes you do stuff.

  • It makes you assess your own business
  • It makes you assess the risks you’re exposed to
  • It makes you put them right to get the badge

These come together and put you in a better position than before you started.

I’ve updated the embedded presentation with a lockdown slant as we’ve been getting more and more enquiries on Cyber Essentials during the lockdown.  We do feel because of the above and the challenges it sets your organisation to achieve it – that you end up in a better place afterwards.

If you’d really like to see how can Cyber Essentials help you in your business then just get in touch with the form below – we’re a real friendly bunch!

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