unleashed think differently about I.T.
We use technology to solve business problems.

We pride ourselves on being a boutique IT consultancy with our main objective to work with our clients in tackling the problems that exist between IT and the rest of the organisation.

We are problem solvers, looking to align IT strategy with organisational strategy, getting projects done that couldn’t otherwise be achieved due to pressures on time and budget.  We don’t limit ourselves by working with particular manufacturers or partners, we work with them all – and implement the most effective technologies for solving your problems.

Unleashed use a consultative approach in dealing with our clients, we prioritise business problem solving over product selling.

There is no pressure, there is no hard sell, everything at unleashed starts with a cuppa and chat (probably a biscuit too) – we want to listen to your problems before we recommend products and solutions.  Before you call, we’d also like to tell you that everyone at unleashed:

  • is technical – whilst we have experts, everyone has a good degree of technical expertise and can talk in detail from the initial conversation
  • is aware when they need help – if we feel you need more detail, we will bring in our experts
  • is a smart creative, problem solver – we just love making organisations better for the solutions we develop
  • is a qualified techy or project manager – we have PRINCE2 trained project managers available on every project we do
  • as a sense of humour – whilst we take our work seriously, we like to have fun whilst doing it!

The unleashing process – it’s at the heart of everything we do

How can you provide a solution when you’ve not listened and understood the problem? How can you implement without working with your client as a team and transferring skills? How can you be sure your solution always remains fit for purpose and supports your clients changing business needs? Why not find out if your current IT partner thinks like we do!

A few words from our clients

Don’t just take our word for it – we can put you in touch with our reference sites

Unleashed did a fantastic job on enabling our workforce to have access to our systems around the country on various building sites.
IT Manager, Construction
In a weekend, Unleashed upgraded our old telephony systems to a modern collaboration solution, with remote working, redundancy and a host of new features.
IT Director, Legal
I’d just like to thank the guys at Unleashed for their excellent work upgrading our IT infrastructure with minimal downtime.
Managing Director, Retail

Latest from the blog

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New Hyperconverged all in one device for SME’s

July 29th, 2015|0 Comments

Excited…..?   We are!
At Unleashed Towers we are feeling very excited, no the weather hasn’t changed to glorious sunshine, at least not in Glasgow or Manchester! It may be nice in the micro-climate that is London – but as we don’t live there we don’t care!

What has got us buzzing is a new product that we believe will get IT Managers and Directors really excited. What is this product I hear you ask? It is called hyperserV and it the first all in one hyperconverged device designed specifically for the SME marketplace that combines the computing power of 10 servers with either 8Tb or 16Tb of data storage built in. Are you excited yet? There is more, this device will allow you to run up to 50 normal virtual machines. It has Flash storage for superb performance and 256Mb of RAM on each of its dual processors. HyperserV, powered by DataCore gives you all the normal things you would expect: Sync Mirroring, Snapshots, Caching, Auto-Tiering, Random Write Accelerator, QoS and Thin Provisioning. On the virtualisation front, it works with Vmware and Hyper-V with no additional licence costs… […]

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Directors you’re crushing your IT Managers

July 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

” I have crushing responsibility but inadequate resources and no authority to implement change.” – Trevor Pott
I’ve been dwelling on quite a number of things I’ve read of late.  As many of you may have read, I’m like the Stig of the IT Management world, the tame IT Manager.  It may be that MBA I did, or the fact that in my younger years, I spent more time in the pub than the programming lab at Uni.

However despite the business head, I’m probably more of a techy than not, and find it hard not to empathise when speaking to our customers.  You see there’s a bit of a common theme going on in the world of business at the moment and a lot of it involves Directors crushing their IT Manager’s spirit…

  • 071615_1348_Doyoufeelli1.jpg

Do you feel like a headless chicken?

July 16th, 2015|0 Comments

I have had a few discussions with IT Managers lately and one thing is coming […]

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When did IT become all about Technology and nothing about Information?

July 7th, 2015|0 Comments

People have probably heard this a lot from me in recent weeks. It’s a rant that’s really grinding my gears for a while and really my biggest bugbear of what IT has become.

When I try and articulate what we do, my thoughts always go back to the good old days of IT.  Where the IT department and its suppliers were a problem solving, business improving function.  We as a business do that and consult on helping companies find a new passion for Information Technology and the benefits it brings.

But the thing I think everyone forgets is that IT evolved beyond the Computer Scientists, it’s something that got applied to businesses for its ability to automate, increase accuracy and most of all make businesses more efficient. Through out the 60s, 70s and even up until the 90s the IT profession was a revered and useful one… […]

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